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Rachel Coleman
3rd week of phased return 
5th-Mar-2016 10:42 pm
I did not post a review after week 2, but I asked for and got agreement to do two more weeks at 60% time.  I had slightly more energy in week 2 than week 1, but not enough that I felt confident taking on a full extra day's work.

Weekend 1: did almost nothing

Week 2: got rather more done at work, yay. Meals and sleep went a bit better, and I started doing some studying towards the end of the week.

Weekend 2:
Saturday: attacked the studying backlog for the most immediate deadline, went to a PARTY (gasp! socialising!) in the evening.
Sunday: was ded, barely got out of bed

Week 3:
+ much more back in work routine
+ Thurs/Fri especially I was working more intensely than I have since coming back
+ coped much better with the full day on Wednesday (though this might have been because I was working from home, because of child illness, so much less physical effort involved in the day)
- complete splat Tuesday evening: I'd done a load more cycling than usual because of child-illness-logistics, and I came in, ate something, sat down "for 10 minutes" to rest, and woke up a couple of hours later.
- slightly less dramatic splat Friday evening, in that I spotted it coming, made food for me and children early, and deliberately went to sleep as soon as Tony got home.

We had planned to attend my stepmother's birthday party this weekend; on Thursday evening I made the decision to cancel the trip. It would have been 4ish hours there and 6 hours back on Sunday by public transport, or about 3 hours each way driving - but I'm the only driver in the house.  I just didn't think I could do all that, and attend the party, and still be fit to work on Monday.  So I am being sensible and spending the weekend at home (and tackling some more of the study backlog) and trying not to be too resentful.

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7th-Mar-2016 12:34 pm (UTC)
I found it impossible to avoid the occasional splat in the recovery period. I'm trying to break up tasks into mini-tasks and alternate between physically, mentally and emotionally tiring jobs , but it is a bit irritating if that isn't how you like to work.
7th-Mar-2016 04:44 pm (UTC)
Hmm, that's an interesting thought. Much of my work is smallish discrete tasks within our overall process, and I tend to do a task, see what's waiting, do another task, etc. So maybe I'm already unconsciously do that switching between differently-tiring tasks, and hadn't realised its significance.

I have anti-RSI software on the work computer that forces me to take frequent microbreaks from typing, and a longer break roughly once an hour, so that helps me pace myself too.
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