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Rachel Coleman
Return to work: school holidays 
8th-Apr-2016 08:55 pm
Last week: 1 Bank Holiday, 1 intended half day that I took off because of migraine, 2 half days and then a full day to finish the week.
This week: 2 half days and 3 full days.  This is the first week I have actually worked 3 full days since returning to work, and it was more bearable than I'd feared.  I could track the cumulative toll by the effect on my after-work achievements:

Monday: made supper, did my Duolingo, did lots of studying
Tuesday: made supper, did my Duolingo, did some studying
Wednesday: made supper, did my Duolingo
Thursday: made supper, wrote a blog post in bed

Today was the second half day, and I spent the afternoon resting in bed, with a pleasant interlude catching up with my mother on our ~weekly phone call, before doing the evening nursery run.  I then made supper but have returned to bed shortly afterward. I may yet manage my Duolingo. Tomorrow is busy, with multiple things for the children, and a date with fanf in the evening, so I am deliberately taking it easy this evening and Sunday.

Next four weeks:
w/b 11/4 & 18/4: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons off
w/b 25/4: Friday off
w/b 2/5: Bank Holiday off

They're all four-day weeks but I expect the 4 consecutive days to be harder.  I'm going to review again on 4/5, or sooner if I get another migraine or other indication I'm overdoing things.

Other notes
I have my first follow-up bone marrow test on 18/4 and my review with my consultant on 26/4, so I will probably be extra-twitchy between the two.  Objectively I am continuing to improve steadily, there is no plateau or reversal of progress, and I've even stopped needing to change my clothes on arrival at work.  But I'm extra-aware at the moment of every time I get out of breath when cycling or walking or climbing stairs; I am 99.9% certain it's because I'm pushing just hard enough to keep improving my fitness, but the 0.1% is fixated on "breathlessness means cancer".   Charting my progress in these posts is one way of keeping that 0.1% in check.

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9th-Apr-2016 05:58 pm (UTC)
Which language are you learning? I am using it to brush up on my French (32 years after last studying it) and finding it a pleasant way of doing it.
10th-Apr-2016 05:24 pm (UTC)
I am mostly learning Irish with it and have been on and off since autumn last year. I started brushing up my school-learned German and Italian too, but have mostly let that slide since returning to work.

I have a second login where I am learning French at my older child's pace - ideally we both get 20XP a day, and leapfrog each other. I don't let myself get more than 10XP ahead of him, but he's a bit erratic in whether he wants to do it on any particular day and I don't push it because it's supposed to be fun. Sometimes he will have a blitz and leave me 50XP or so behind.

I find that doing it in bed at the end of the day is a great way to wear myself out enough to sleep if I am at all tired.
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