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Rachel Coleman
Holiday things 
19th-Aug-2016 10:21 pm
We've been holidaying in York this week, just the four of us.  At some point I may post photos but right now I never want to move again.  What we did:
  • visited York's Chocolate Story
  • found a local playground for the children
  • found a man blowing enormous bubbles near the Minster
  • had lunch in the basement cafe of the Treasurer's House
  • found our way to Rowntree Park, and back again via the Millennium Bridge
  • took an evening boat tour
  • visited the National Railway Museum
  • took the bus to Castle Howard and spent a lovely day wandering the grounds
  • had a delicious meal at Mason's with an incredibly nice server
  • visited all three of the Barley Hall, Richard III Experience & Henry VII Experience, and walked around a large portion of the city walls
I couldn't help comparing with Bristol a year and two weeks earlier: short version is I was much less breathless, but much more easily tired.  However, I did at least have more stamina than in Llandudno 2.5 months ago.  I did crash one day mid-week and had to spend most of an afternoon and evening zonked out on the hotel bed.  Sadly that was the day we went to the NRM: I left early and got very little out of the time I did spend there, so I think I will need to go back again sometime.

I think that was the last time I will ever book all four of us into a single family room for more than one night; we all need more alone time than was possible to achieve, and I'm giving up on all but essential plans for the weekend as a result, plus it gets ever harder to get the children to sleep when we are still awake in the same room. (And they still wake up at least an hour before I want to.)  I think either adjoining hotel rooms or holiday cottages / apartments are the way to go, even if it does cost more.

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19th-Aug-2016 11:28 pm (UTC)
I shall have to pick your brains; I foresee a lot of visits to York over the next five years :-)
23rd-Aug-2016 10:07 am (UTC)
Happy to. But I think I have missed some news on your part - do tell?
24th-Aug-2016 07:26 am (UTC)
A level results happened on Thursday; Rachel will be off to York (her first choice) to read Computer Science. Abi will be moving a whole mile down the road, to Castle Hill, which makes visiting rather simpler ;-) (Law at Fitz, with a Choral Scholarship)
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