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Rachel Coleman
I'm trying to finish an essay 
29th-Sep-2016 09:11 pm
Have a trio of musical videos on a Lin-Manuel Miranda theme:

"Alexander Hamilton" (opening track to the musical Hamilton) in American Sign Language: absolutely riveting, brilliant use of rhythm, I accidentally fell down a rabbithole of ASL-signed Hamilton tracks of varying skill and production quality after this.  If only I understood ASL, or even BSL (funnily enough searching for BSL-signed Hamilton stuff gets me nowhere, I don't think there's a big enough fanbase here yet). 

"What the Heck I Gotta Do" - opening track to 21 Chump Street: a 14-minute musical about an undercover drugs officer and the high school student who fell in love with her.  The full video used to be on youtube and vimeo but I failed to find it again; also the cast album is available from the usual digital marketplaces.  It's ridiculously earwormy,, which means I find myself singing songs ALL DAY LONG that remind me how much I disagree with the War on Drugs, and I'm Not Doing Politics for at least another year, damnit.

"Usnavi's KX rap" - a promotional video for In The Heights at the King's Cross Theatre, which I saw last Saturday and will write more about when this dratted essay is done.  (Short version: I really, really liked it, and that video gives you something of a feel for it.)

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14th-Oct-2016 09:45 pm (UTC)
Wow, thanks for that ASL video link. Not knowing Hamilton, the (shallow) rabbit-hole I fell down was videos featuring or about Sarah Tubert, who is officially awesome!

(Hope the essay went well!)
14th-Oct-2016 09:53 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I think it went well - marks for the module are due in another couple of weeks.
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