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Rachel Coleman
My life in bulletpoints 
30th-Oct-2016 10:22 am
  • I still have a cough.  I've progressed to the point where I am no longer stupid ill with it, I just ... cough a lot.  I'm not getting enough sleep as a result, but I'm definitely getting better.  Just slowly.
  • I went for my quarterly bone marrow sample on Wednesday; it was probably the least-unpleasant experience yet.  I got the doctor who is particularly skilled at taking them.  I'm pretty certain if there was anything to worry about I'd have had a phone call by now, so I am not worrying.
  • The children had half-term off school, and we sent them to holiday club for 3 days and took 2 days as family holiday to Sheffield where the newest and tiniest cousin is.  As usual, the highlights of Sheffield for the children were, in order: a) trams b) Ponds Forge swimming pool c) their family (especially tiny cousins).
  • I took the children swimming twice in Sheffield.  Charles's birthday party earlier in the month was the first time I've been swimming since getting ill, and I had almost forgotten how much I like it.  Taking them to Ponds Forge is more walking-around-in-water than swimming, especially as I was solely responsible for non-swimmer Nico, but it was fun anyway. 
  • Between cough and holiday and sleep deprivation I am behind on everything and have an assignment deadline on Thursday.  Essay crisis ahoy!
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30th-Oct-2016 12:01 pm (UTC)
I must catch a time in Ponds Forge when the fun bit is open but not so heavily populated with little children. I have been in the Olympic sized pool which is astonishingly clean compared to the other Sheffield pools I've been in, but it was 9pm and the rest was shut. Also I want to go and do some of the strength & conditioning classes they do there.

Trams never, ever get old. When my 35-ish year old friends come, they still want to go on the trams.
1st-Nov-2016 12:15 pm (UTC)
I am not sure when "open but not full of small people" might be, but then I've never gone without the children. We have certainly been there until closing time (and been some of the last people being kicked out).

It is very very good for taking children, which is probably why it is usually so full of them.

I have to admit that Tony and I are very happy to indulge the children in riding the trams as much as possible :-)
30th-Oct-2016 10:00 pm (UTC)
Power to your elbow, health to your lungs!
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