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Rachel Coleman
Avengers icecream 
1st-Jan-2017 06:15 pm
I read this tweet out to my brother, which made him laugh:

Nico overheard and said "The Avengers are icecream!?" which somehow led to assigning flavours:

Iron Man is obviously strawberry flavour.
Hulk is "green and purple" which I think is apple and blackcurrant.
Hawkeye is blackcurrant flavour because he is friends with Hulk (we may have watched a lot of Earth's Mightiest Heroes in this house).
Thor and Cap are both "rainbow flavour".
Black Widow is blackberry flavour..
War Machine is vanilla.
Wasp is banana flavour.

... and then my 4yo consultant ran off to do something more interesting instead, and I got asked to lay the table.

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2nd-Jan-2017 01:25 pm (UTC)
Is rainbow flavour the Danish borneskoop? That seems plausible.

Also, I need to assign a key for making proper accents.
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